Promoting Local Artists

Nikki and Ian, the proprietors of the Lyme Bay House Hotel are delighted to have been able to enter into an arrangement with 10 local artists to display their work in the public areas of the hotel.Over 50 paintings now adorn the walls, all of which are for sale. Should you wish to make a purchase, please ask at reception.Below are the artists and various exhibits that can be found around the hotel.


Nora Doherty only started painting when she arrived in Teignmouth – inspired by the expanse of sea and sky…and now paints modern contemporary semi-abstract paintings in high quality oils, examples of which are shown below. Happy to take commissions: E-mail: or phone 01626 776857.


Chris Cole moved to Devon in 2000 on his retirement from the Royal Navy.   He has been painting for many years and is a member of the Armed Forces Art Society.  He now lives in Teignmouth and in addition to painting, through several courses at West Dean College of Fine Arts; he has now taken up glass engraving. He undertakes commissions in both mediums. Contact:  01626 879122 or


Colleen works in watercolour and specialises in animals and natural history. Much of her work has a graphic and illustrative quality but she also does commissioned animal portraits which concentrate on realism, painstaking attention to detail and capturing the character of her subjects.  She moved to Devon last year where she continues her lifelong involvement with the visual and performing arts. She can be contacted on 01626 356250 or


Having taken early retirement from a career as a nurse Jennifer Jenkins undertook a 2 year course in Art and Design through the Open College Network in Hampshire during which she learnt to sculpt and also became interested in other art forms including drawing and painting.   She admits to having no particular style and likes to dabble in all types of mediums.    Whilst at ‘Select West’ exhibition, her sketch book was spotted by a Graphics company and they suggested that they print one of her ‘quick sketches’ drawn from everyday life, onto a stretched canvas.   These have become very popular and fit into to-day’s modern, rather minimalist style of décor.   Her motto is “What’s next? Tel: 01626 775 246 Email:


Jane is a sculptor and painter.    She works with clay, wax and recycled materials or found objects.  She strives to find narrative in her work; some political content is evident – above all the result has to have some aesthetic appeal.   As well as sculpture, she creates installation work and paints semi-abstract canvases in oils or mixed media.   She is inspired by beauty and natural surroundings. Her landscape and seascape work is broadly appealing as it has identifiable elements as well as abstract features that lend the work an original slant. Combining all these aspects with a sensitive approach to colour and texture, her work is exciting, surprising and enduring.  Details can be found at


Keith Brokenshire is a self taught artist. He has been painting for over 12 years using mainly oils, watercolours and more recently silk painting.   He enjoys painting landscapes and seascapes from photos taken around Devon and Cornwall in his spare time.   Occasionally painting something of an abstract nature when the mood takes him. He is in full time employment and lives in Bovey Tracey. He is happy to undertake commissions and can be contacted on 01626 836730 or


Maureen has painted for pleasure all her life but has no formal training.   She lived and worked abroad for some time and in Bangladesh she learnt to work in batik.   On returning to England she worked as a primary schoolteacher in Dawlish.    Since retiring Maureen has had more time to try out new techniques and to attend art workshops and classes.    She has published an illustrated account of John Keats stay in Teignmouth using pen and wash.    She is now working in portraits in oils and undertakes commissions. She has been a member of Teignmouth Art Society and Bishopsteignton Art Group for some years.    Other examples of her work can be seen on    or she can be contacted on 01626 772871 or


Derek Wain is a self-taught artist working mainly in water colour for about 15 years and, since retiring in 2000, has achieved more in his favourite nautical theme which probably derives from some twenty three years service in the Royal Navy


Andy Tapper is a local, inspired by the glorious Devonshire countryside.   Although always an avid sketcher and doodler, he has only recently taken up watercolours and it was with great pride he received the “Fricker Award” for a landscape painting in the Teignmouth Art Society Autumn 2007 Exhibition.   He can be contacted on 01626 772042 or


Elizabeth Foley spent her childhood in Cornwall and then lived in various parts of the UK and in Cyprus, her husband being in the Royal Air Force.   On his retirement they moved to Devon and since her husband’s death she has revived her earlier interest in painting and now enjoys working in various media.   She can be contacted on 01626 862968.


Jane Branch trained as a printed textile designer and ran her own company designing ceramic tiles and murals.    Now retired she is enjoying what she always yearned to do- paint for her own pleasure.   She is moved by the elements of the coastline and being an inveterate people watcher now introduces the human element into more of her paintings.    She is also involved in designing and painting sets at the Carlton Theatre in Teignmouth.  Her work has been exhibited throughout Devon and Cornwall.


Yusuf Khan is a retired Doctor who has lived in Teignmouth for the past 25 years.   He started painting after his retirement in 1997 and specialises in watercolour paintings, mostly of local scenes.   He has also painted scenes during travels in Europe and the USA.   He has a distinctive loose style which makes his work easily recognisable and his paintings of the local area are very popular.   He is a member of the Teignmouth Art Society and his work is frequently exhibited.   He can be contacted on 01626 775667.